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Warranty and delivery

The Excelbois warranty, for your protection and total satisfaction !

Excelbois guarantees that each component delivered to your premises complies with the previously established and accepted quality criteria.

Excelbois guarantees that it will replace all products containing manufacturing or material defects for a period of one year following delivery. To take advantage of this warranty, the following points must be complied with:

  • You must sign the bill of lading. If the packaging appears to be damaged, the necessary information must immediately be noted on the bill of lading (Shipment status, number of damaged boxes, etc.). Have the driver sign this report.
  • You must inspect the goods upon receipt.
  • You will have 24 hours to report any damages, incomplete delivery or non-compliances. You may be requested to provide digital photos.
  • You must request an authorization number prior to returning the merchandise in its original packaging.
  • In order to receive a credit, the defective parts must be returned at our expense within 10 days of their receipt, unless otherwise specified.
  • The delivered components must be finished (painted, varnished, lacquered) within a maximum period of three weeks. We shall not be held responsible for environmental conditions which may affect the product before a protective finish can be applied. Excelbois shall also not be held liable for any damages caused by improper handling, usage or installation.
  • Excelbois shall limit its warranty to the replacement of products as ordered as well as to transportation fees for delivery to point of origin of the order. Excelbois shall not incur any costs related to the finish, installation, repair, transportation fees and labour associated with the sale of our product.
  • Excelbois shall undertake to deliver the service parts within a period of 3 working days.

As wood is a natural product which is subject to certain variations caused by environmental conditions, the following restrictions must be complied with to be able to enforce the warranty:

  • Doors, frames or architectural panels exceeding 50 inches in height must automatically include a central crossbeam. These panels may warp up to as much as ¼” under normal conditions.
  • Doors, frames or architectural panels exceeding 26 inches in width must automatically include a central post.
  • This warranty shall not cover any joint lines which may appear should the product be finished with opaque colours.
  • Considering the variations in humidity, joint lines may expand up to as much as 0.010 inches.
  • The warranty shall only be valid if the products have been kept under environmentally controlled conditions following installation, with relative humidity levels ranging between 35 and 60 percent.